Happy 4/20!

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Normally, the 20th day of April isn’t one we particularly celebrate, but we were really planning on doing it up this year, with a big signing at Denver’s famous Mutiny Information Cafe with Mister V to promote Mile High.  Obviously, that’s not safe any more with the shape the world is in, and even Denver’s infamous 4/20 events have been cancelled.

Mile High - Front CoverHowever, we do want to encourage people to celebrate carefully, responsibly, and with comics.  This week, in celebration (and to help get the word out) we’re offering 25% off when you buy Mile High.  Normally a steal at $20, this week it’s only 15 bucks.  And just to keep things interesting, if you buy any other one of our collections, we’ll throw in an additional Mister V-related gift for free as a thank you.  Think of it as our way of saying thanks for supporting independent comics and creators during this time.

And stay tuned, because Mister V just recorded an appearance on Alan Brooks’ terrific Motherf**ker in a Cape podcast, available at all fine podcasting institutions.

Stay safe out there, y’all.

Denver, CO – 8th Wonder Press is proud to offer the latest graphic novel by Colorado cartoonist Mister V, Mile High: Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana, available at Amazon.com, bookstores and comic shops everywhere right now.

Mile High - Front CoverMile High tells the true story of Mister V’s lifelong struggle with painful health issues.  After traditional medicine fails him, he discovers a miraculous cure: marijuana.  He has medicine now, but as his health improves, his relationships with his family and friends suffer. “Marijuana is a polarizing issue that tends to leave people with an extremely “pro” or “anti” sentiment,” said Mister V.  “My intention in sharing my experiences was to show both sides of this debate have valid arguments: marijuana has the potential to do great good, and it also has the potential to do great harm.”

Set in the early days of Colorado’s medical marijuana legalization, this examination of the industry is an earnest memoir and a document of a time in Colorado history when the marijuana industry was beset by loose regulations, sketchy characters, and unknown product.  “Not only is it a wickedly funny narrative, but it’s a snapshot of an important time that deserves to be documented,” 8th Wonder Press President Jesse Dubin says.  “The historian in me felt my experiences as a medical marijuana patient would be beneficial to future generations,” Mister V explains.  “Colorado was one of the first states to decriminalize, and then legalize marijuana, but this process was not without tremendous growing pains.  The outrageous scenarios I experienced in Colorado’s marijuana industry needed to be preserved for posterity.”

After a decade of self-publishing, Mile High marks the first time Mister Mile High - Back CoverV has partnered with a publisher.  Mister V said, “8th Wonder Press cares about graphic storytelling, and I saw evidence of this in every step of the creative process.  They provided astute edits and insights that helped make this story the best it could possibly be.  Frankly, the print version of this book is gorgeous.  I couldn’t be prouder of it.  I’m thankful to have worked with them on this.”

“Mister V’s comics are full of energy and ideas. Reading his strips, it’s obvious from the first panel that he loves what he’s doing. They manage to be fun, sad, and engaging all at the same time,” New York Times Best-Selling Author Jeff Lemire.  The Comics Journal critic Rob Clough says “This book isn’t necessarily an argument for marijuana’s legalization per se, but rather it’s a personal account of the way it’s improved his life and the ridiculous bureaucracy he had to wade through in order to get there.”

8th Wonder Press is dedicated to discovering and promoting new comic creators and publishing comic books and graphic novels of the highest quality.  8th Wonder Press firmly believes there is a comic for every person and a person for every comic.  Their goal is to evangelize for comic books, get more books into the hands of readers and spread the work of outstanding new cartoonists.

From orbital satellite, 8th Wonder Press is thrilled to announce our latest graphic novel, Mile High - Front CoverMile High: Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana by Mister V.  For years, Mister V has been consistently putting out amazing work that is heartfelt, funny, and poignant.  For the last three years, he’s been releasing Mile High online and in annual print collections from his publishing venture Arborcides.

Mister V has also been a regular contributor to our Uncanny Adventures anthologies, and we have been thrilled to work with such an amazing cartoonist.  Now, with the completion of Mile High, we have worked with Mister V to collect and remaster his graphic novel in one volume with new editing, new lettering, and an all-new cover.

Mile High is an important Colorado story, as it takes place at a pivotal moment in Colorado history as medical marijuana became legal, with Mister V was right on the front lines.  Part comedy, part memoir, part educational tract, Mile High takes place in the not-too-distant future as Mister V catches his young niece getting high in his garage.  He then proceeds to tell her about his history of with weed, including how it helped solve the stomach problems that plagued him since he was a child.  When medical marijuana becomes legal in Colorado, he’s ready to get his medicine legally, but as he soon discovers that legality and accessibility are two very different things.

From the cover:

Matt has a problem: since he was a baby, he suffered from terrible stomach problems. Underweight and unable to maintain a pain-free life, he struggled for years to find a solution to his troubles. After traditional medicine fails him, he discovers a miraculous cure for his woes: marijuana. Matt has medicine now, but if his problems are over, why are his wife and family mad at him, and why are his friends treating him like the local drug dealer?

Set in the early days of Colorado’s medical marijuana legalization, this heartfelt, honest, and hilarious look at the medical marijuana industry is both an earnest memoir and a historic document of a time in Colorado history when the industry was beset by loose regulations, sketchy characters, and unknown product. Come along with Matt as he navigates the burgeoning world of medical marijuana, including best practices for its use, why it’s never a good idea for kids, and his current relationship with weed.

We’ll be talking about Mile High much more over the coming weeks and months, but we’re thrilled to release the news  here first.  Mile High is printing now and will be available for the Spring/Summer 2019 convention season.


spx-logoEvery summer the gang at the 8th Wonder Press orbital satellite hits to road to bring fine comics to conventions around the country.  There’s always been one show that’s been a little elusive for us, though: the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.  We’re all really excited that this year we’ve made it into the line-up!  This year’s guests include amazing talents like Dan Clowes, Trina Robbins, Jeffrey Brown, Tom Gauld, and….well, let’s just say it’s rarified company to be in.

This is our first East Coast show, and we’re really excited to get a chance to meet a whole new group of fans (particularly INDIE comic fans).  If you’re going to be at the show September 17-18, please be sure to come by and say hi.  And if you’re not already planning to be there, it’s not too late to make plans.  SEE YOU AT THE SPX!

(SPX art by Tom Gault)

Cover - FinalWe’re beyond thrilled that the latest issue of the Uncanny Adventures: Duo miniseries is in from the printer and IN STOCK!  We debuted at last weekend’s Denver Comic Con and the response to the entire series was hearty enthusiasm; thank you SO MUCH to all of our fans and readers who took this journey with us and embraced the experiment!

Readers looking to buy a copy of any or all of the three issues, and retailers looking to stock the miniseries, can reach out to us at sales@8thWonderPress.com.

Anyone looking for more information, or if you’d like to speak to someone from the 8th Wonder Press team for your website or podcast can email press@8thWonderPress.com.


And don’t forget, our previous anthologies, Uncanny Adventures and Science vs Mad Science, are both still in stock at Amazon!

FCBD16-15yrs-205x300Looking for something to do after the CU graduation?  Need a respite from those springtime Colorado showers?  WANT SOME FREE COMICS???

Tomorrow is the greatest day of the year, Free Comic Book Day!!!  We’re so thrilled to be rejoining the gang up at Time Warp Comics in Boulder, CO for the fun and festivities.  Swing by, say hi, and check out one of our terrific Uncanny Adventures anthologies!

FCBD2015 - Hoemance Cosplay

Denver, Colorado’s most interesting new comic show is DINK, the Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo (no, we don’t understand how that acronym works either).  This first year convention is focusing on small press and independent comics and creators, aiming to rival shows like TCAF, CAKE, and SPX.


Exhibitors and guests include:

  • Alex Robinson
  • Amy Reeder
  • Ben Towle
  • Box Brown
  • David Beyer, Jr
  • Denis Kitchen
  • Ed Piskor
  • Fantagraphics
  • John Porcellino
  • Mister V
  • Nate Powell
  • Noah Van Sciever
  • Sam Spina
  • Sean Tiffany
  • Zak Kinsella

Oh yes, and 8th Wonder Press!

WCover2 - webe’re also very excited to announce that Uncanny Adventures: Duo #1 and 2 have been nominated for an award as an Outstanding Work From Colorado.  Other nominees include Alex Graham, Lauren Barnett, Kate Rhodes and Jennifer XU, Karl Krumpholz, and Dylan Edwards, so we are very honored to be listed with such talented creators.

DINK will be held March 25-26, 2016 and the Sherman Street Event Center.

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., Uncanny Adventures - Science vs Mad Science Front Coverof our favorite holidays!  And, well…we here at the 8th Wonder Press orbital satellite MAY have gotten a little swept up in the festivities, because right now BOTH volumes of Uncanny Adventures are on sale right now for FIVE DOLLARS EACH.

That’s right, you can get almost 400 pages of amazing comics for only 10 bucks.  Here’s the catch: the sale is only for two days.  That includes stories by Mister V, Andrez Bergen, Jay Sternitzky, Mateo Cantu, Whit Taylor, Jeremy Shepherd, Nick Nall, Nico Izambard, Dan Conner, and more!  (Oh yeah, and those sweet covers by Ethan Nicolle and Ryan Dunlavey that we wrapped the books up in!)

Uncanny Adventures Front CoverIf you haven’t already gotten your copy, or want to share the joy of comics with a loved one, now’s your best chance to get a terrific deal as our way of saying thanks to you.

Uncanny Adventures on Amazon

Uncanny Adventures: Science vs Mad Science on Amazon

Cover2 - web 1

Line art by Ron Joseph, colors by Jesse Heagsta



Okay, maybe this is getting mean, but tomorrow morning we’re going to reveal the entire cover for Uncanny Adventures: Duo #2. See you tomorrow!

Cover2 - web 1

Line art by Ron Joseph, colors by Jesse Heagsta