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Happy 4/20!

Posted: April 20, 2020 in Uncategorized

Normally, the 20th day of April isn’t one we particularly celebrate, but we were really planning on doing it up this year, with a big signing at Denver’s famous Mutiny Information Cafe with Mister V to promote Mile High.  Obviously, that’s not safe any more with the shape the world is in, and even Denver’s infamous 4/20 events have been cancelled.

Mile High - Front CoverHowever, we do want to encourage people to celebrate carefully, responsibly, and with comics.  This week, in celebration (and to help get the word out) we’re offering 25% off when you buy Mile High.  Normally a steal at $20, this week it’s only 15 bucks.  And just to keep things interesting, if you buy any other one of our collections, we’ll throw in an additional Mister V-related gift for free as a thank you.  Think of it as our way of saying thanks for supporting independent comics and creators during this time.

And stay tuned, because Mister V just recorded an appearance on Alan Brooks’ terrific Motherf**ker in a Cape podcast, available at all fine podcasting institutions.

Stay safe out there, y’all.

From orbital satellite, 8th Wonder Press is thrilled to announce our latest graphic novel, Mile High - Front CoverMile High: Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana by Mister V.  For years, Mister V has been consistently putting out amazing work that is heartfelt, funny, and poignant.  For the last three years, he’s been releasing Mile High online and in annual print collections from his publishing venture Arborcides.

Mister V has also been a regular contributor to our Uncanny Adventures anthologies, and we have been thrilled to work with such an amazing cartoonist.  Now, with the completion of Mile High, we have worked with Mister V to collect and remaster his graphic novel in one volume with new editing, new lettering, and an all-new cover.

Mile High is an important Colorado story, as it takes place at a pivotal moment in Colorado history as medical marijuana became legal, with Mister V was right on the front lines.  Part comedy, part memoir, part educational tract, Mile High takes place in the not-too-distant future as Mister V catches his young niece getting high in his garage.  He then proceeds to tell her about his history of with weed, including how it helped solve the stomach problems that plagued him since he was a child.  When medical marijuana becomes legal in Colorado, he’s ready to get his medicine legally, but as he soon discovers that legality and accessibility are two very different things.

From the cover:

Matt has a problem: since he was a baby, he suffered from terrible stomach problems. Underweight and unable to maintain a pain-free life, he struggled for years to find a solution to his troubles. After traditional medicine fails him, he discovers a miraculous cure for his woes: marijuana. Matt has medicine now, but if his problems are over, why are his wife and family mad at him, and why are his friends treating him like the local drug dealer?

Set in the early days of Colorado’s medical marijuana legalization, this heartfelt, honest, and hilarious look at the medical marijuana industry is both an earnest memoir and a historic document of a time in Colorado history when the industry was beset by loose regulations, sketchy characters, and unknown product. Come along with Matt as he navigates the burgeoning world of medical marijuana, including best practices for its use, why it’s never a good idea for kids, and his current relationship with weed.

We’ll be talking about Mile High much more over the coming weeks and months, but we’re thrilled to release the news  here first.  Mile High is printing now and will be available for the Spring/Summer 2019 convention season.