Uncanny Adventures 2015


After the successful release of our UNCANNY ADVENTURES and SCIENCE vs MAD SCIENCE anthologies, 8th Wonder Press is accepting submissions for our third volume!  The new collection will be released in May 2015 in time for the summer convention season!  This year our book will be a standard-sized, saddle-stitched comic (rather than our previous perfect bound collections) ENTIRELY OF 2-page stories!  That’s right, rather than a unifying theme this year, we want to explore the limits of comics and explore the different ways comic creators can tell a complete story with only 2 pages.
Uncanny Adventures - Science vs Mad Science Front CoverEvery story will receive a two-page spread for you to lay out however works best for you.

The Guidelines

We’d like to see TWO-PAGE, black and white comic stories of any style or genre.  Our submission/editorial process will be as straight-forward and hands-off as possible.  We want to let your voice come through unfiltered, but in order to draw a broad audience, please keep your work as all-ages friendly as you can.  (That is, your Lagoon Man story is welcome, but the full-frontal Lagoon Man sex decapitations are probably going to be too much.)

Step 1: PITCH!

 Send us a proposal outlining your story and characters. Your proposal must include:
  • Name, email, and physical address for every contributor working on your story
  • One-paragraph overview of your story
  • Sample artwork in the style you plan to use for the finished piece
  • Full script for your two-page story
  • Rough Breakdowns/layout of the two-page spread
(Two one-page stories are cool, too!  We’ll just run them together.)
If you’re a writer looking for pictures or an artist in need of wordsmithing, let us know and we’ll try to keep a running list of creators looking for partners. If you already have a completed comic you’d like us to submit, we would be more than happy to consider it without going through all of approval steps.
Proposals should be sent in pdf format to submissions@8thWonderPress.com.  Accepted pitches will be notified as soon as possible, but please give us until February 16, 2015 when the submission period is over.  Feel free to pitch us as many two-page stories as you like, you’re not limited to just one!
For help with putting together your submission feel free to check out our pages on How to Pitch Your Comic and How to Pitch Your Comic to 8th Wonder Press. We welcome any questions you have!

Uncanny Adventures Front CoverStep 2: DRAW!

 Once the proposal and script are approved, draw it up!  Since breakdowns are already approved, all you need to do is finish the final art.
Final artwork must be 6.625 x 10.25 inches, black and white, in TIFF format at 300 dpi. We would prefer a 1/2″ border where your artwork is not full bleed.

Step 3: There is no Step 3!


Deadlines are going to be very tight!  Be sure you have a realistic expectation of the work you have to do and the time it will take to complete.  Missed deadlines mean we can’t go forward with your story!
Proposals: February 15, 2015
Final art: March 15, 2015


Beyond exposure in the book, for each two-page story the published contributors will receive three copies of the comic in which their work appears.


By submitting your unpublished work, you understand that, if accepted, 8th Wonder Press is acquiring First North American Serial Rights which gives us the right to publish your work (in print and digital formats) for the first time in the North American market. The creators retain all other rights to the work and will be contacted for permission if we plan to include it in any future collections. If the work is not published within six months of the scheduled publication date (currently planned for June 1, 2013) all first rights are null and void.
Any use of your material in the format of Podcasts and MP3 will be protected under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives 3.0 license (see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ for full details).  This protects your work from any attempts to use it commercially or creating derivatives not approved by the creator of the work.
When you submit your story, you acknowledge that all ideas, characters, and content are your own work.


 Once the book is out the pressure is on us to get it out to comic readers and the more means of distribution we have, the better the odds of that.
  • Conventions – This will allow us to put books directly into fans’ hands and pitch directly to a reader’s interests.
  • Retailers – We’re compiling a list of indie-friendly retailers we can sell directly to.
  • Diamond – Even though we’re going to sell straight to retailers, the best way to get into comic shops is still through Diamond.  Once we know the size and complete contents of the book we will try to get into Previews.
  • Digital – More and more, readers want to take their comics with them everywhere and digital devices make it easier than ever.  We’re going to reach out to ComiXology to increase distribution.

Why 8th Wonder

“I’m doing all the heavy lifting, why should I let you do the easy part?”
Well, we wish you wouldn’t phrase it that way, but it’s a good question.  We love comics, and especially creator-owned comics.  We want to make sure that our books — and your work — get into as many hands as possible, and the best way to do this is by working with a publisher and not having to build new distribution channels yourself.
Self-publishing is a good option and gets easier and better each year, but the end result can be an unknown quantity.  We have an experienced print production manager in-house and will ensure that all of our books look incredible.  We also have established relationships that make it easier to your work into the hands of your (future) adoring fans!  You will retain ALL OWNERSHIP, COPYRIGHTS, AND TRADEMARKS, we’re only asking to to be allowed to print your story.
To see our previous work, previous UNCANNY ADVENTURES anthologies are available on Amazon.com and at finer comic shops everywhere.


 For questions, concerns, proposals, and “Shake It Off” parody videos, please email submissions@8thWonderPress.com.


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