Uncanny Adventures: Duo

Cover1 - webCan you tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end in two pages?  That’s the question 8th Wonder Press asked, and the answer is a resounding yes.  The result is Uncanny Adventures: Duo, the latest in the publisher’s Uncanny Adventures anthology series.  Available through Diamond Comics and in comic shops everywhere in December 2015, Uncanny Adventures: Duo is the most recent contribution in the publisher’s work to showcase innovative and insightful graphic literature.  Jesse Dubin, President and Editor-in-Chief of 8th Wonder Press, says “Each year has been a little bigger than the one before, and I’m very excited that we’re able to get more comics by more creators out to more people.”

Cover2 - webThe idea of the two page story sprang from the success of 8th Wonder Press’s previous anthologies.  “We started receiving so many incredible submissions that it became impossible to narrow them down,” explained Dubin.  “The solution was to challenge each creative team to work within a specific number of pages, and giving each story two pages really opened up the possibilities while increasing the urgency in each story.”  Each of the three issues in Uncanny Adventures: Duo has a different theme, from sci-fi and fantasy to action/adventure, to an incredible all-humor issue.  With 11 stories per issue, not only is the length of every story a novel device, but it allows for a wide range of diverse stories.  In any given issue, stories can range from light to serious, poetic to literal, or cartoony to realistic.  Literally every turn of the page gives the reader an opportunity to find something new.

Each issue of Uncanny Adventures: Duo showcases diverse talent by featuring creators from around the world. Says Dubin, “Each year we strive to build a better anthology.  This year we’re thrilled to be publishing stories from terrific previous contributors as well as finding some exciting new creators to introduce.”  The stories in these three issues showcase everything new and exciting about the current indie-comic movement.

8th Wonder Press is dedicated to discovering and promoting new comic creators and publishing comic books and graphic novels of the highest quality.  Since its founding in 2012, the spotlight of their publishing line has been the Uncanny Adventures anthology.  8th Wonder Press firmly believes that there is a comic for every person and a person for every comic.  Their goal is to make the comics culture a bigger place, getting more books into the hands of more readers and helping more creators get their comics into those hands.  This summer, 8th Wonder Press was called “The 8th Wonder of Denver” by high-profile culture site Bleeding Cool.