How to Pitch Your Comic to 8th Wonder Press

Recently I wrote up some guidelines for how to pitch your comic to a publisher or editor, as that information seems to be sorely lacking. I’ve expanded those thoughts to include examples from other pros, but those are industry-wide and general tips on professionalism.  Here I’d like to discuss what we’d like you see here at 8th Wonder Press.  Keep in mind that this is IN ADDITION TO those items.

Give a Thought to Diversity

Sometimes your story needs to be exclusively made of white dudes, but generally speaking it won’t.  Keep in mind that the world is a diverse place and YOUR STORY SHOULD BE TOO. That includes main characters, bit players, and background art.  The world is an interesting place, let’s make sure that gets represented in our comics.

Women are People Too

All of us here at 8th Wonder Press like ladies, and want to see good female characters.  That said, if your female character looks like this,
emma-frost-frank-quitely-headshotor God forbid, this

we’re probably not going to be interested. “Strength of Character” arguments need not apply.
(To be fair, we don’t really want your male character to look like this, either.  I mean, put on some pants there, guy.)
Martian_ManhunterIt might also be worth refreshing yourself on the Bechdel Test and the Hawkeye Initiative.

Superheroes are Cool.  So are Other Genres.

‘Nuff said, right?

Keep It Appropriate for All Ages

We love material of all genres and age ranges, but what we don’t love are angry parents.  They scare us.  A lot.
So at least for the moment, your submission should keep the graphic sex and/or violence to a minimum.

Be Appreciative

I’ve come to realize that there are people who appreciate email niceties and those who don’t.  At 8WP *WE DO*.  To that end, if we take the time to review your work and give you feedback — good or bad — acknowledgement and a thank you is a free way to show your appreciation.

Thanks, and we can’t wait to see your work!

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