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Earlier this week, our Editor-in-Chief Jesse Dubin checked in with the Canned Air Podcast to discuss the newly-released Uncanny Adventures: Science vs Mad Science, and wound up sitting in for the whole episode!  They discussed everything from the new Fantastic Four, Batman, and Shazam movies to Legos and the new Star Wars museum.  Check out Episode 39 through iTunes, the Android app, or grab it right now through the web! If you’ve already listened to the show, you might be interested in a few things Jesse mentioned, like:

  • Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier’s Aquaman run, starting with #26 aquamanV8_26pg11aquamanV8_26pg12
  • Tom vs the Flash, where Tom Katers examines classic issues of Justice League, Flash, and, yes, Aquaman are available at
  • Weird Love, by Yoe Books, an imprint of IDW


  • Brian Clevenger and Scott Wegener’s Atomic Robo is hands-down the best comic currently being produced.  Check out 7 free FCBD issues available on ComiXology 
  • Uncanny Adventures stories including

    • “Wild Kingdom” by Mister V
    • “The Hound of Mons” by Paul Bradford and Allen ByrnsS
    • “Shred” by Davey Siddall


Thanks to Jeramy, Jack, and Jeff for featuring the new anthology!

Uncanny Adventures - Science vs Mad Science Front Cover

Dimensional Portals! Feral Children! Strange Worlds! Bioengineered Creatures!

Since the dawn of time, mankind has turned to science to make sense of the universe around us. Since about 15 minutes after that, we’ve used science to CONTROL the universe around us. This latest volume in the Uncanny Adventures series presents 19 tales pitting Science against Mad Science. Written and drawn by a laboratory’s worth of amazing indie comic creators, Science vs Mad Science will make sure you never look at science the same way again.

After a successful launch at Denver Comic Con, we are proud to announce that our latest collection, Uncanny Adventures: SCIENCE vs MAD SCIENCE, is here!

SCIENCE vs MAD SCIENCE features the return of several contributors from last year’s book, including Mister VDan ConnerWhit TaylorJay Sternitzky and Mateo Cantu, Danos PhilopoulosDino Caruso, Patrick McEvoy, and Owen Heitmann.  We’re also thrilled to have many talented new creators with us, such as Ellie FortuneRich FosterNico Izambard and Nick NallScott Schmidt, and Jeremy Shepherd and Mac Cooper.

These are all of the talents behind the new book, though.  We’ve got 18 brand new stories by 28 creators.  It’s a murderer’s row of terrific comics, all wrapped up in a brand new cover by Ryan Dunlavey, the creator behind MODOK: Reign Delay and artist of The Comic Book History of Comics and Action Philosophers.

Uncanny Adventures: SCIENCE vs MAD SCIENCE is available on Amazon and at fine comic shops everywhere.