Our Editor-in-Chief Talks to the Reel Nerds

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Interviews

blog_header_3With Denver Comic Con, our first show of the season, almost upon us, the excitement is high and we’re very excited to start putting our books in the hands of readers.  In anticipation of that, we want to share an interview our Editor-in-Chief did with the Reel Nerds podcast last summer at DCC.

Ryan, James, and Brad are great guys who sit down and discuss a different new movie every week, as well as games, comics, and whatever else strikes their fancy.  We’re very happy they took the time to talk with us about the show and our Uncanny Adventures anthology as we were getting it off the ground.

Check out our chat with the Reel Nerds, and if you have a blog or news site that would like to talk to us about our projects or, well, anything, feel free to email press@8thWonderPress.com.

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