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Hey Kids! Free Comics!

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Raconteur, cartoonist, and all-around mensch Mister V has been a big supporter of all of us here at 8th Wonder Press.  We talked to him earlier in the year about his contribution to our Uncanny Adventures anthology and he’s got a selection for the SCIENCE section of next year’s anthology that will blow your mind.  (He also did the cover art for our super-sweet “Draw Your Own Comics” book.)




It’s Christmas, and in a move essentially guaranteed to put him up for sainthood, he’s giving away a free minicomic from his series DNR about the time he met Santa.  Just shoot him your address (that’s right, it’s a paper comic, a real thing that requires a stamp to send, and those ain’t cheap Bucko!) and he’ll put you in the holiday spirit right quick.


Go to, hit him up, and enjoy some free comics!  It’s a Festivus miracle!