In Which We Confess To A Small Lie

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

For several months now, we’ve been promising that our inaugural book is going to be our anthology, Uncanny Adventures.  UA is still on-track and looking amazing, but now we’re happy to announce we will have another book debuting at the Denver Comic Con as well!

 Our additional release is called “8th Wonder Press Presents: Draw Your Own Comics,” and is a pad formatted for making your own newspaper-style comic strips.  For $5.00, the book contains 50 pages of templates for drawing your own strips and is capped off by a terrific cover by indie comic artist (and Uncanny Adventures contributor) Mister V.
8WPP:DYOC (for short) will be available for the first time at Denver Comic Con May 31 – June 2, and then through our website,  For purchasing information, contact

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